In our laboratory, we have developed novel microscale 3D printing technology for the development of micro/nano devices including MEMS, Lab-on-a-chip, and medical tools. As a unique processing technology, we have developed micro/nano stereolithography using single-photon and two-photon polymerization. The micro/nano stereolithography is a technique to form arbitrary 3D microstructures using photocurable resin which changes from liquid to solid by laser irradiation. We have also established 3D molding techniques using templates made by microstereolithography. The 3D molding technology enables to produce 3D ceramic microstructures with a wide variety of ceramic materials.

These microstereolithography and molding techniques have been applied to a wide range of applications. For example, we are conducting research and development of optically controlled lab-on-a-chip. Micro pumps and microtweezers driven by light were demonstrated. In addition, we are also developing various kinds of ceramic microstructures such as scaffolds for regenerative medicine using bioceramics and vibration energy harvesters using piezoelectric ceramics by using the 3D ceramic molding techniques.